Nov 4, 2012

Chocolate pumpkin cake

It may be a little too late for this kind of recipe but I wouldn't be posting it if it wasn't THE best chocolate cake I have ever had. It's a perfect combination of rich chocolate taste, spices and moisture. I think the latter really makes this cake so delicious. The secret to moist cake is pumpkin puree and buttermilk. Once the pumpkin season is over, I'm going to look for its perfect substitute (it'll probably be  applesauce). This is definitely going to be my show-off chocolate cake. 

drain and blend well

Wait until cake cools down completely before you do anything with it or you'll end up with a cracked one like this!

 Source: mojewypieki

In this recipe I made orange mascarpone cream filling. I ruined it completely so I'm not going to discuss it further :) If you're interested, visit the website above for the recipe. 


  1. I gulped it down in less than 5 seconds :)

  2. Nie jestem wielką fanką pumpkin pie ale Twoje wygląda zachęcająco!

    1. Ale właśnie sęk w tym, że tu dyni w ogóle nie czuć, dzięki niej ciasto jest takie wilgotne i cudooooowne :)