Dec 4, 2012

Weekend in pictures and a little winter diy

This was a lovely weekend, plenty of crafting and delicious food. 
On saturday we decided to create our very own movie poster. 
This is a list of some of our most favourite films and musicals, the real list is much, much longer.
I am a huge fan of musicals so some of them simply had to go on the poster.
I had no idea how to create such poster on canvas so we thought why not use wood. 
Kamil printed out the titles we had agreed on and equipped with a scalpel, paint and a sponge I got down to   work. 

And here is what we had for dinner on thursday and friday

Lentil cutlets with coleslaw

Roasted tenderloin with potatoes, brussel sprouts, pepper and carrots.

On saturday evening our aunt and uncle invited us over for a spanish feast.
I had absolutely no idea spanish cuisine could be sooo delicious. 
They served real potato tortilla, chorizo&potato stew, jamon serrano (in love) and other tapas, stuffed peppers and wine poached pears for dessert. We were in heaven. Thank you so much Julie. We love you!!! 

pear, cinnamon and wine sauce