Apr 16, 2012

Movie suggestion

I'm not really good at writing film reviews and I don't like to force anybody to like what I like. It's bloody difficult  to write something in a completely objective way. Of course there are a few films I'd say you should absolutely see since they're really good. We wrote about some of them here or here (the first one only) and there are a few more to come. These are my very favourite films and I could watch them over and over again. I'm also one of those who can never get tired of watching Titanic. You may laugh, I don't care, I love it and it makes me cry each and every time I see it :) I'm not going to tell you how many times I've seen it though. 
This time I'd like to tell you about films I've or we've recently seen which somehow impressed us. I've heard different opinions about them but who would care about that? You should always see it for yourself to decide, right? 

Last night Kamil chose to spend the evening with his xbox :) so I watched We Bought  a Zoo. I don't know if it was Matt Damon whom I really like or Scarlett Johansson's pretty face or the cute girl who looked like an angel but the film put me in such a magical mood I didn't want it to end. The wonderful music by Jónsi made it even more charming. The story of a father who quits his job, buys an old zoo and moves there with his kids is rather predictable and nothing seems to surprise you but there is absolutely no harm in it. It was full of heart and that's what convinced me. 

Another film we saw is The Intouchables. I had no idea it became the second most successful French film of all time in the French box office. It's a funny yet very touching film, inspired by a real story of an rich man, paralysed from a paragliding accident and a failed robber, now his caretaker. Philippe, trapped in his own body hires Driss to be his arms and legs. They both find unexpected help and friendship. You should keep an open mind when watching this film. It will touch you in a very surprising way. 


  1. Intouchables faktycznie rewelacyjny - widziałem w zeszły piątek i wszystkim polecam :-) To jest film, który przywrócił mi wiarę w ludzi i w kino jako takie (po kilku gniotach, które ostatnio widziałem)!