Apr 30, 2012

Weekend in pictures

This past weekend was absolutely amazing. Not only was the weather dreamlike, super hot with a beautiful sunset, but we also managed to squeeze in plenty of outside activities, of course there had to be a lot of cooking and eating. The season of eating in the garden has officially started. Unfortunately it’s only possible at my in-law’s  as we live on the 9th floor and in the city. Having a tiny balcony makes it a bit hard to fully enjoy it. Anyway, we made some real kofta kebebs (recipe soon) with home made naan bread…it was heavenly. 
Ginger had a blast as well. We noticed love at first sight between her and the little black adorer over there. This was an absolutely relaxing weekend. We are going to Mazury with a bunch of good friends tomorrow and we are hoping it will be even nicer. 
We wish all of you a wonderful week. 

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