Apr 28, 2011

My beautiful Spring.

I'm so happy the cold winter days are over. I hate when it's so dark and gloomy outside as I'm generally influenced by the weather. Not like my bones hurt or I can predict the weather conditions, nothing like that. I'm like a bear who could easily sleep through winter time. My energy is almost gone and I use my happiness supplies gathered during previous summer. Yet, when spring comes...the zest for life blossoms like a flower. It's easy to get up in the morning, work seems more pleasant and rewarding and even  food tastes better. Do you feel the same?
I might even dig out my good old bike and utilise this energy this way. The bike definitely needs some freshening up but it kind of looks like the one  below. It's a new video by Kate Spade together with Adeline Adeline...a very nice bicycle shop.
I love it. 

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