Apr 17, 2011

Sunday runday!

We woke up early today as we rushed to cheer on our friend who took part in the X Cracovia Marathon. It was such an amazing event I had no idea. 5 thousand people ran 42 kms, no matter the age or gender. We could see elderly people running with a smile on their faces. Personally, I felt lame as I get tired after jogging in the park for 15 mins. Kamil on the other hand is determined to run in the marathon next year and he has my full support. It was such a nice feeling to see Gosia, my friend so proud of her husband who by the way ran the distance in 3,5 hours, whoa! It was kind of impressing. I also had a chance to cuddle Gosia's cute daughter a bit. She's a sweetheart.
Apart from all the activities we had all day running back and forth, chasing our friend, we had a lovely day together. The weather was beautiful so we went for a walk after the marathon. I have probably mentioned this before but I truly love Cracow, especially when it's so nice outside and we can go admire it's beauty and the one of a kind atmosphere. 
We went for dinner to a student canteen where they serve the best home food ever, sat for a while in a park and there came up with an idea for dessert which we made at home. Lime muffins...mmm...yummy!
And how was your weekend my dear friends? Have any of you taken part in the marathon?

Some friends we met on the way

...and the dessert


  1. zgadza się, wiszą u Gosi ;)
    kiedyś siadłam w kuchni i je sobie przerysowałam :D