Mar 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to us!

Dear Friends,

We're surprised ourselves but it's been a year! a whole year since we began this tiny blog of ours, not knowing what it would grow into. We are really happy we managed to keep it going for this long. More readers are joining every day which makes us motivated to post more. The recent feedback we received from you regarding our MoKa Cooking series was just overwhelming and we're really hoping this series will grow beyond the borders of this blog. Thank you all for sticking with us all this time and dropping in from time to time. We do realize that there is a lot of content on the Internet, so drawing your attention for even a few seconds means we're doing a decent job. 

Here are a few statistics if anyone's interested:
- Since March 2nd 2011 MoKa has had 49 528 views in total which means we're just a few clicks away from 50000 - we're already thinking of a fun giveaway to celebrate!
- The post with most views was Cannelloni with spinach and baileys muffins with 893!
- January 2012 was the month with most views - 7910
- Our Facebook page has 133 fans

We promise to keep on posting as there are lots of recipes to be shown, videos to be made and lovely things to share with all of you in the coming months! Have a lovely day and remember to visit MoKa from time to time.

Monika & Kamil - MoKa

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  1. I oby było0 więcej takich lat :)))) Pozdrawiam