Aug 10, 2012

Bodyscapes Series

I have always thought human body is the most desirable canvas, take a look here, here and here. These photographs show yet another way it can be used as means of artistic expression. 
The series from 1976 by artist Allan Teger consists of not retouched black and white photographs. It's a reflection on the forms and curves of the body to represent mountains and valleys. I like the sensuality and fun behind these photograps. 

"...Oh, and there are boobs" said Kamil :)


  1. How come these are only female bodies? ;)

    1. Well, female bodies are waaaay prettier than those belonging to males :)

    2. Well, depends on your perspective and preferences, and the said bodies' owners' attitudes to sports and hygiene ;)

    3. Absolutely :) and regardless my obvious preferences I find female bodies stunning, their curves in particular. If I was an artist I'd definitely focus on those :)

  2. Przyglądam się tym zdjęciom i uśmiecham. Piękne ale przede wszystkim, cóż za pomysł :))