Aug 23, 2012

Summer Break - Part 2

This time we headed to more civilised places like Zamość, Warsaw and Kazimierz Dolny. The first one, called The Padua of The North turned out to be really beautiful and pleasant. I was there once or twice before because my parents live nearby, but I only just now noticed how lovely it is. I am more used to old, scruffy-looking city buildings whereas in Zamość, every single one is renovated and painted in bright colours. 

The next day we set off for Warsaw, to visit my brother and his wife. As usual, it was lovely to see them. We  didn’t get to spend a lot of time together but enough to chitchat a bit. We took a stroll around their new neighbourhood where they moved a while ago. We had some heavenly looking and tasting ice-cream at Lody Na Patyku and then we wandered along the river bank. It was good to see you A&E!

We spent the rest of the day with some good friends of ours by the river outside the city. It was great to see some friendly faces again. We don’t get to see this part of our friends too often. It was just fabulous, just sitting, bbqing and chatting. We truly like spending time with this bunch. 

This is Perła, G’s mom. Ginger was back at home with my parents and we missed her like crazy. 

Last but not least we visited Kazimierz Dolny, definitely one of the most charming towns in Poland. No wonder so many artists find it inspiring, every second house was a gallery. Even though we were dead tired after the party last night, we managed to see almost every single street there and half asleep we headed home to snuggle with Ginger.

After arriving home we went to Chmielaki a year to year brewers contest that takes place in Krasnystaw. There were lots of bands performing on stage, various events, lots to eat and most impotantly…lots of beer! We’ve read that there were over 160 kinds of beer so we only managed to try a couple of them (blueberry and cherry to name a few) but it was well worth it!

I think that’s enough for today. You can see Part1 here if you like and the last part is coming soon.

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