Jan 10, 2013

Currently according to Kamil

We haven’t written in so long I really feel weird doing it. Just wanted to give you a small update on what’s been going on with us.
Firstly, we need a breath of fresh air on this blog. Definitely more food related posts as we’ve kind of strayed off of them a bit recently. I’m thinking of starting a series of photography posts - nothing very professional which is kind of the point. Just coming up with an idea for a certain photo and trying our best to make it happen giving you tips and tricks along the way. Mostly what we’ve done wrong and were you can do better ;)
I guess I have to continue my series of favorite cartoons - it’s really fun and brings back lots of good memories :)

Since I lost my job recently I had to get myself together and think more about our future. Hopefully everything will work out great for us as there are quite a few things going on at the moment including a buisness venture I’m starting with a friend of mine. There is lots we have to do so there is no point in going into details at the moment. I will definitely share more once I know it’s the right time.

Have a great day all and share some thoughts on what you would like to see on the blog - every inspiration counts.


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