Jan 13, 2013

Gluten free lemon polenta cake

We haven’t baked anything in so long. Recently, I bought a packet of polenta. I remembered it’s healthy and you can cook almost anything with it so I went for it. I googled some dinner ideas and here’s what came out of the oven, obviously…a cake. You can find the original recipe here. I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s different (grainy but gooey and moist texture with fresh lemon juice) and it’s not that unhealthy (there’s no flour, just almond meal instead).

What to do:

In one bowl mix soft butter and sugar until fluffy, then add one egg at a time. 
In another bowl mix all dry ingredients and add them to the first bowl. Add lemon zest.
Pour batter into a pan and bake for 30mins in 180C.

In a small pan mix lemon juice (2lemons) and a cup of powdered sugar. Bring to a boil and remove from heat.

We also decided (whenever we have time) to drink green smoothies for breakfast, you know, instead of boring sandwiches or cornflakes. Here’s what we had today. 

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