Jun 13, 2011


   No matter if it is during winter when it’s -20 outside or when it’s summer time and we’re full of energy but really all we want to do is chill out by the sea the truth is we truly hate mondays, don’t we? I’m in a rather melancholic mood today, I admit but I miss being a teenager when summer meant no school, no duties, no responsibilities, well at least those concerning school. Our lives were so carefree. I guess I can’t get used to the fact  I’m getting older and older and the amount of responsibilities just never stops growing. On the other hand, it’s always comforting to know the one you love is always there to support you and the thought of being responsible not only for yourself now but also for the other person makes the life I’m living now so much better than it used to be. Even occasional difficulties don’t make us want to give up, they just make us stronger. I truly hope you all have this special somebody you can share your life with and if not… I hope that he or she is just “round the corner” waiting for you! 

I wish you all a wonderful week.

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