Jun 12, 2011

Skewer knife holder

This is a really nice idea for a knife holder although the price they're asking on this website is so high! The thing is that you can try to do it yourselves as it's basically just wooden skewers stuck together.



  1. Dear Monika and Kamil,
    you are right, this is a great design and it is true that it is expensive.
    It is made by physically or mentally challenged people in a sheltered workshop near Rosenheim in Bavaria.
    I know this workshop personnally because I lived for about 30 years in this area.
    At present I live in Australia and sell it here. I get it from an importer. This adds unfortunatelly additional costs.
    But I think that the cause is so good that I still offer it here also that we hardly earn anything with it. (I have sold 2 in the last 18 months, both very happy with the product) And I say it is worth the effort because it gives work and satisfaction to people who have it a bit harder in life.
    So please reconsider and in the end you support the really nice people working with and for sidebyside in Bavaria/Germany.
    Thank you,
    Kurt (www.thedesigngiftshop.com)

  2. Dear Kurt,

    I'm glad you posted this comment. I must have copied the pic not reading the info below. Now I see it. We do support people with special needs and we think it's a really great idea that with your help they create such great products. However, I still think the price is a bit too high. Maybe if you lowered it more people would be willing to buy your products. I know many organizations and non-profit foundations here in Poland whose members, disabled or mentally challenged people make different items and sell them for a lower price that's attractive for potential customers and still make a profit. Nonetheless, what you are doing is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I only wish there where more people in this world like you Kurt.