Feb 13, 2012

Weekend in pictures, dinner and poker night

Because of the ridiculously low temperatures I can't say the weekend was great. It's really beautiful outside but we're just fed up with the cold. Kamil has a sore throat and can't seem to get over it no matter what. I don't want to sound boring, talking about weather conditions all the time but really, it's been so terribly cold over here and we've had enough. We're really waiting for that first breeze of warm spring air. Spring, where are you?? The only thing that we never get tired of  is cooking and eating of course :) and meeting with friends. On saturday we played poker until 6am and although I was totally out of lack I enjoyed it big time. The next morning, which in our case was around noon, we made english breakfast and enjoyed it with our friends who stayed overnight.

We also made pasta with brussel sprouts to charge our vitamin supplies, went to this huge meadow in the center of Krakow, for a really long, exhausting walk with Ginger. She made friends with about 20 dogs, it was so sweet. And finally, our cutest niece dropped by last night to give her aunt and uncle a couple of hugs and show off with her brand new face expressions which she's so proud of. We love her so much. 

 Pasta with brussel sprouts

What you need:

0,5kg brussel sprouts
linguine pasta
tablespoon of butter

Fry bacon until golden and crispy, add rosemary and brussel sprouts and fry until golden as well. Add peas, leave for 2 mins. Mix with precooked linguine, add a little cooking water and butter to make creamy sauce. Season to taste. 

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