Feb 5, 2012

Weekend in pictures

This weekend we pretty much stayed at home. It’s way too cold outside. Our friends invited us for drinks on saturday so I decided to bake something easy and tasty and because my friend eats only gluten free food I thought I could make some flourless macaroons. Last time I was experimenting with the easier version HERE so, this time I had to do the original almond version. The first batch looked more like almond waffers but the next one was really perfect. Anyway, we spent most of the weekend cooking and baking. We made Jamie’s perfect roast potatoes, Madesu Koko (updated recipe and better pics tomorrow), dried apple crisps and peas and gorgonzola muffins. I think we looove food :) We couldn’t get out of going for a walk because of Ginger though. So we put on warm hats and scarfs, grabbed each other’s hands and…came back 20mins later. It was freeeezing!!!

baked potatoes woth rosemary, garlic  and bacon

For the macaroons we used:

160gr almond flour
3 egg whites
200gr powdered sugar
1tbs valinna extract
rose marmalade

Beat the egg whites, add sugar and almonds. Bake for 10 mins in 150degrees.

little thief

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