Feb 20, 2012

Weekend in pictures

This weekend we felt like 10 year olds again. We went to a friend’s b-day party outside Krakow to celebrate it with a bunch of really cool people. The kids went to bed and all the grown-ups started the evening with a tray of Jelly Bellies. Seriously, we spent hours searching for our favourite flavour and all you could hear was: “Eeew, this one’s awful, tastes like socks” or, “Hey, can you get me the cinnamon one, I love them, they’re my favourite” or, “Have a try of the butterred popcorn one, really weird”. When we started feeling a little sick after eating hundreds of those jelly beans, we dresses up warm and went…sledding. It was so great. Last time I did that was at least 10 years ago. It’s so weird, I remember when I was a child I wanted to go as fast as I could and now, I had tears in my eyes just looking down the slope. Eventually, we all flew down the hill laughing and screaming all the way. We spent the rest of the night playing iClue, a word guessing game. It was hilarious. 

…….It was a really good weekend!

you ate all my candy???

it had to stop at some point!

Paweł, thank you for letting me use some of your photos :)

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