May 8, 2012

Majówka in Mazury

We had another chance to spend the may day picnic in Mazury this year. Majówka (Labour and Constitution Days) usually means a full week of chilling out and doing nothing. This year was even more wonderful than the first time we went there. We love the place, we love Mazury and we love the lakes. The weather was absolutely gorgeous most of the time and our friends couldn't have been a better company. We spent most of the time just lying on the deck, sunbathing, playing board games and barbecuing.  If Ginger could talk, she'd probably thank us as well for a great holiday, she had so much fun. She swam for the first time, dug her first hole and got so many hugs and's going to be hard to go back to more discipline. 

On the way to Mazury we also visited my brother and his lovely wife. I think I mentioned before what a great cook he is. This time they treated us to pepper-tomato cream soup with feta cheese and pasta with home made green pesto. I absolutely have to share these recipes with you. 
When are you finally going to open your restaurant Andrew, ha? :)

stunning photo by Rafał Michałek, a truly gifted photographer.


non stop training

Rafał, I let myself use some of your photos. Thanks!

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