May 23, 2012

Matryoshka Dolls

Every now and then, I am in a mood for vintage. I start taking out old, forgotten knick-knacks and make all the effort to create so called pretty clutter in our house. Just take a look at thisthisthis and this post, don’t you just love it? Although, I usually end up frustrated I have to spend so much time dusting this collection of junk, it usually makes our home kind of more lived in and warm, and that’s why I always miss it when it’s gone, hidden in the basement. You can take a look at this post here to see a few of our . Anyway, being in the clutter phase, I just remembered we used to have this pretty matrioshka, back when I was a child. It was standing high on a shelf, among crystal bowls and other precious items. My mum would only allow me to play with it under her supervision. I don’t see it up on the shelf anymore…so I’m definitely asking my mum to let me take care of it. I already have the perfect spot :)

Always something pretty for Kamil :)

My wedding was perfect but if I had a chance of planning it again matryoshka theme would definitely be one of the options. 

sources: here, here and pinterest

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