May 13, 2012

Weekend in pictures

Believe me this weekend has not been what it looks like in these photos. In fact, it was bloody cold and windy and because lots of our weekend posts have been mainly about the weather, that’s all I’m going to say about it this time. We ate some pretty delicious food, pasta with bacon, peas and spinach and my brother’s baked pepper and tomato cream soup. We’re definitely sharing this one with you soon. 
Ginger experienced a very traumatic walk this afternoon. After chasing a pheasant through a field of wheat, she couldn’t find her way back. I was in tears when I saw her far, far away jumping up to see where we were. She finally made it back but oh dear…having a hunting dog can cause such stressful situations. Covered in mud almost up to her nose she ended up having a bath. Now she is sound asleep under a blanket. We love her so much :)


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