Oct 29, 2012


Around this time of year or at least when the first snow falls, I become a crazy craftswoman. I start creating things although mother nature gave me two, not very skilful hands. Last year I made these and these purses. I promised myself I would definitely make some more (they made a great Christmas present) but it wouldn't be me if I didn't find another thing to do and forgot all about it.  This time it was flu that forced me to stay in bed. So I had to do something with all this time on my hands. Inspired by pinterest of course, I made my first dreamcatcher which I always wanted to have...and then I made four more. They are supposed to filter your dreams, the bad ones stay in the net and only the good ones are allowed to pass through. Well, since I have five of those now I hope not a single nightmare will ever haunt me again :)



  1. That's AMAZING because yesterday i started to make my own dreamcatcher - just out of nowhere!!! :) of course compared to yours it's similar to the effect of the muffins - remember?? since then i've started to call any disappointing situations - the muffin's effect ;)
    anyway, did you make all of these? i will buy them ! !

    1. You know, it was actually You who inspired me :) I found one more laced cloth at home :)
      The muffin's effect, hilarious :) But remember, size doesn;t mattert, your muffins tasted way better!!!
      Sooo, yes, I made all of these and I do not sell them :) but i was thinking of you when making them. Hope to see you soon so I can give you one :)
      PS: I want yo see your dreamcatcher, too, pleeeeease

  2. Piękna inspiracja! Nie było mnie u Ciebie przez chwilę a tu tyle świetnych postów- podziwiam!
    Pozdrawiam ciepło!

    1. Dzięki serdeczne. Właśnie jak zima idzie to coś mi do głowy uderza i zaczynam działać chociaż z reguły to co robię nie jest warte dzielenia się ze światem :)