Feb 14, 2012

10 things

10 things we love about each other

1. He is never cross with me even if i'm a total shrew

2. He never leaves socks around the flat, i'm lucky

3. We do little dances when we hug

4. He never runs out of sweet nicknames for me

5. He makes the best scrumbled eggs ever

6. He calls me at least a few times during the day

7. He always loves my cooking, even when it really sucks

8. He keeps saying he can't make coffee and each time i end up with the best cup ever

9. He is the kindest person i know

10. He says he loves me' nearlyly a hundred times a day

1. She makes the best coffee.

2. She gets annoyed when we can't send a reall kiss over a text.

3. How she wishes me a wonderful day when I leave for work in the morning. 

4. She has the most awesome boobs.

5. She doesn't quite get the whole Star Wars saga but she's a great apprentice.  

6. Her absolutely wonderful honey-raspberry-lemon tea whenever I have a cold. 

7. That our trips, whether it be to a nearby town or 5000 km away from home, turn out to be a great adventure.

8. Standing together under one umbrella.

9. Making the simplest dishes together.

10. I love all her small excuses to postpone everything and the way we try to motivate one another afterwards.

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!!!

PS: have you listed your 10 things already?