Jul 13, 2012

Wedding sweetness, name tags and gifts for the guests

Sweets and cakes. If only I could bake more pretty things and in bulk, I’d definitely give it a try and bake something yellow for our wedding. Cupcakes, macaroons, biscuits, jello and many many more. There are so many cute ideas in the sweet departament. My mother in law went crazy and baked a few absolutely mind blowing rococo cakes (ultimate chocolate and hazelnut cake) for us. We also made hundreds of biscuits with our initials but more on that later. 
Here are some pretty ideas for colourful sweets. I also think placing various tags next to them is a cute idea. We created our own but eventually decided not to use them (not sure why). 

We would definitely choose a yellow cupcake cake, don’t you just love the idea?

And our unused tags 

Another way, another detail which can make your reception look even cuter is name tags. We used a tree to hang all the names of our guests and the numbers of all tables. But you can make more effort and create something more unique. I find it a great idea to use fruit or even veggies as name tag holders, not to mention tiny flower bouquets. It’s easy and really pretty to just hang them on a nice string between two branches or trees or on a wooden fence, woven with flowers.

Here are a few ideas I loved.

Last but not least, I’m going to show you a few sweet ideas for thank you gifts. I think, it’s a nice gesture, whether you say goodbye to your guests handing them a little note, a tiny candy or a jar of home made jam. In my opinion,  anything that is handmade or at least with a bit of dedication will be more appreciated. Even if you buy a selection of chocolates, try to wrap them in custom made paper or attach a little note, do something that will show this is a real thank you gift. I don’t know why we don’t have a picture of our gift. It was a glass, let’s say goblet, filled with homemade biscuits, some of them had our initials on and it was all wrapped in foil. On a little sticker attached to it, there was the tiny couple with baloons, the one from our invitation. My mother baked all the biscuits, we wrote our initials, her friend wrapped them all nicely (thank you Mrs Irena) and it felt so nice to show our appreciation by giving something made with love. Don’t forget gifts don’t have to be expensive, they should show that you’re grateful.

source: Pinterest, Fancy

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