Jul 24, 2012

Weekend in pictures

This past weekend was really nice. We've been swamped with boring business stuff recently so we couldn't really let ourselves enjoy our spare time properly. This time on the other hand, we really let it go and it was so much needed. We spent saturday with Roxy from A Pole Dancing and we had a blast. We spent the evening in a mexican mood with fajitas, homemade guacamole, nachos, Corona beer and then mojito flavored vodka to top it of. So, basically everything we love, lots of fantastic food, talking and laughter. We also played some Jenga which proves to be a lot of fun especially when your hand eye coordination isn't that perfect :) On sunday we went to the country to grab some fresh air. It was more of a business trip this time but we managed to squeeze in a walk to Kamil's aunt and uncle's house to snap a few photos of their beautiful garden. One day, if they let us, we'll show you their house, honestly this is one of the most beautiful house I've seen with my own eyes.

We know it's been rather quiet here recently, forgive us. But if it's any consolation, we felt really bad about it and we'll try to make up for it real soon. In the meantime enjoy a few pictures we took throught the past weekend.



  1. a juz sie o Was martwilam ze cos sie stalo ze nie dajecie znaku na blogu. Ciesze sie ze biznes sie rozkreca a jeszcze bardziej ze znajdujecie czas dla siebie
    Karolina i Zosia

  2. uwielbiam te wasze pikczersowe "łikendy";D

  3. widzę, że to nie tylko ja wyczekuje kolejnej części weekendu in pictures :)

    1. Awwww, nie sądziłam, że ta seria ma swoich wiernych fanów :) Buziaki