Jan 16, 2012

The different faces of Ginger

Over the last 7 months we have had Ginger, we've taken about a million pictures of her. We love them all although probably half of them are all the same. Every now and again, we love to browse through them and slobber over the fact that it was 5 mins ago when she was a tiny, clumsy puppy with blue eyes and now she is this big, almost grown up dog. But to tell you the truth...the longer we have her the more we love her. Nevertheless, we don't want to be too serious about it so here is a proof that Ginger is not always this sweet pet you can cuddle, in fact, this is only one of her faces. 

the 'I love you all' face

the 'I've had too much' coffee face

the 'hungry' face

the 'alien' face

the 'cuddle attack' face

the "I learned how to jump...oh no, I didn't' face

the 'I will destroy the world' face

the "never ending story' face

the 'I hate pictures' face

the 'leave me alone' face

the 'octopus' face

the regular face

the 'scary' face

the 'granny' face

oh, that's her sister

the 'i love snow' face

the 'i saw a ghost' face

the "i'm scared' face

the ' say what?' face
the 'i love those pills' face
So, what do you think?


  1. Będę chyba codziennie rano oglądać, bo wprawiają te zdjęcia w fantastyczny nastrój :)

  2. once again she made my day :)

  3. hahahahahahahaha, this made me laugh! OUT LOUD.
    in the office.

    She is too cute.