Jan 12, 2012

It's definitely my cup of tea

Some of my friends, who know me well, already know I’m a freak when it comes to cups and mugs and pottery in general. Just to make sure, I don’t own tons of china, but…I’d love to own so many cups I can drink coffee everyday in a different one, ha! :) Unfortunately, I’m, let’s say, not allowed (by my husband) to buy more of these, mainly because the old ones are almost falling out of the cupboards and also, because usually they are not so cheap. And, I must admit buying something that I would be afraid to use (due to its fragile nature and me being clumsy) and putting on a shelf among others…well, it’s pointless. So, what do I do? I could get another cupboard or…I could devote one of our rooms for storing dishes only, that’s an idea :) Before I start redecorating our home, I’d like to show you my tiny collection of favourite treasures, both gifts and souvenirs. 

I had a few attempts to Yerba Mate…I gave up eventually

One of our fav wedding gifts, an electric kettle.

and a few more I found on the internet, aren’t they lovely?

sources: UncommonGoods, Anthropologie, Fancy

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