Jan 19, 2012

What's for dinner - Chicken with ginger

I love when having almost nothing in the fridge eventually, we end up so full and sooo content with what we managed to cook out of those few ingredients. This time it was a fancy sounding Thai chicken with ginger.
I always say to myself "If this, totally improvised dish works I can call myself a cook". I can proudly say it does happen, until of course I ruin something and promise myself I will never ever cook anything else. Today was one of those lucky days and believe it or not I couldn't stop devouring. We didn't speak to each other while eating, which also proves how good it was :)

What we used:

1 chicken breast 
5 tbs soy sauce
Mainly because for us there is never too much ginger we used I would say a 4/5cm piece, grated. 
3 cloves garlic
2 tbsp honey
2cm chilli

Leave it for an hour in the fridge to marinate.

Fry for 3 mins, add 1 big onion and a cup of peas or any other vegetable.
In the end, I added 1 egg mixed with 1/4 cup heavy cream but you can skip this and add 1 egg only. 

Best served with rice noodles. 

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