Jan 8, 2012

How about watching a movie or two?

We don't post much about movies that we watch which is a shame. This has to be changed! I am not much of a movie critic so don't expect elaborate reviews on my part but still, whenever I feel a movie is good I will post it so that, maybe you can enjoy it the way I did or maybe write what you thought about it.

This time, I want to mention 3 movies that came out of nowhere so to speak.

Everything is Illuminated

A movie from 2005 (how did this slip everyone's attention?) about a young American Jew who wants to discover his past, by going to Ukraine to find the woman that saved his grandfather during WWII.
It's a really heart-warming story that deals with reminescing about a difficult time without being too pushy or trivial. Lots of humor makes for a really unique story that everyone will enjoy.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I've never seen the original Planet of the Apes (I know, it's a classic and I promise to watch it) so, before seeing the newest part in the Apes saga I had really no idea what to expect. When I saw the trailer a year or so ago I wasn't really interested in watching the movie. It was when I read the first positive reviews that I decided to see it and boy was it worth it! Incredible CGI, great story and a fantastic ending. I don't know what other parts of the saga are like but after seeing ROTPOTA I am really looking forward to more.


And here, unfortunately my opinion is far from the avarage. Everyone seems to be really fascinated with Drive. It wins different festivals, gets fantastic reviews so I felt like I need to see it. I read that it's rather bloody so I told Monika I'm going to watch it with my boys and spare her all the gore ;) My oh my, we were so very dissapointed! I guess the story itself was fine but what really bothered me were the looong dialogs with even longer pauses that became almost insufferable at some point. This movie was 2 hours long but would be much better if the same story was fit into a shorter timeline. Also, the pace of the movie was really uneven. The first minutes had me on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding so I was really hoping for more but there wasn't much to keep this up.

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