May 8, 2011

Back from the countryside

We spent last night at our friend's having barbecue and freezing our asses off cause it was so cold outside. We had some sausages, delicious salads, bread with garlic butter (best when toasted on a grill of course) and lots of fun. After the meal we had some poker time and the winner got a jar of pickles and a bunch of freshly picked radishes. Kamil won so now we'll have a healthy lunch. I like visiting my friends who live in the country as we always come back with country gifts like veggies or fruits. In the morning we spent some time with little Ewa. We  brought her some presents as this lady had turned two a few days ago. It was a good saturday.

Oh, and on the way back we stopped at a country fair connected with the christian tradition of indulgence, it's called odpust. I don't know much about it but it's quite common in the polish countryside. After the mass people storm out of the church and go to the fair. There are stalls of different kind, mainly with special sweets and with toys, terrible, awful toys but that's what it is all about, it's cheap and colourful. We even call bad quality items odpustowe which means bought at a fair like this. I love it though as it has this special atmosphere of small villages which I love.

 Truly religious aspect of the fair.

 We loved the couple buying candyfloss.