May 23, 2011


It's silly but we were just cleaning our garage and all the holiday stuff we were sorting reminded and made me long for holiday time. Actually, everything kind of makes me feel this way today. Even buying fruit at a grocery shop reminded me of a vegetable stall in Croatia and those fresh tomatoes and mouthwatering peaches. I need some time away so badly. Like the time we went to London for a few days last October. It was brilliant, as always. I usually visit this city for purely sentimental reasons. I fell in love with it a long time ago and haven't stopped since. I love its pace and people. However, last time we chose to wander through some quieter areas like Chelsea and my favourite King's Road. Lucky for us it was a Saturday and there was a market outside The Partridges grocery store where they sell a great range of foods from all over the world. Each stall serves different delicacies, whether its meat, oysters, cheese, bread or sweets of different kind. The atmospere is one of a kind, everyone's smiling and kind and offer free samples which was the best part :)

It wouldn't be a real trip to England if it wasn't for traditional english breakfast.

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