May 9, 2011

Motivational Monday: Resolution to get healthy and lose weight!!!

For me the most common resolutions are usually getting organized and completing all my projects and goals but my strongest resolution is to have a healthy lifestyle, be environmentally friendly and as always - lose some weight. With quite a few slip ups the last one somehow seems most difficult. Recently we even started sorting garbage, it’s a real pain in the neck but such a small contribution to our world really makes us feel slightly better. Although I’d love to I can’t call myself a vegetarian which makes me frustreted too…because I do snap sometimes, I generally try not to eat meat but there are times, awful times when I just lose my head and then I’m so angry with myself. There’s so much I’d like to change in my lifestyle but to do so I’d probably have to live somewhere in the country where I’d have loads of free time to organize my time, unlike here where having to many things on my head I simply forget about such basic issues.

My most serious resolution from today on is…losing some weight. In order to do so I’ve decided to go for the 1500 calorie diet. I thought this might be the best option for me as I truly hate to starve and to be forced to quit eating things I love. Now I’ll be able to eat everything, well almost everything but in rational portions. Have any of you tried this diet? Did it work? Do you have any suggestions or good recipes?

Note. Going on a diet does not mean we’re having a break from cooking and sharing the recipes with you. We’re planning some red curry this week, a real delight for your taste buds…so don’t forget to stop by.

Have a fantastic week!

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