May 7, 2011


the other day when eating french fries i guess, we felt so bad we eat so little veggies. we promissed ourselves to eat at  least one fruit and one vegetable a day. since we didn't keep this promise everyday we decided to make up for this loss by making vegetable tortilla wrap.
i thought i could find a good recipe for a healthy wrap but then we decided to go for our own...fusion recipe.
it's simple...take anything you have in the fridge and wrap it in tortilla. my only suggestion is to make kidney beans puree. it can serve as dip or sauce.


  1. I am a huge fan of dishes with tortilla in the main role :-)

    I know that to perform them can be used literally everything, but could You give me a precise recipe for that one You've made a few days ago?

    Looks very appetizing and I would like to try it out.

  2. Sure thing, the recipe was very simple. Spread some kidney bean puree on your tortilla, then put some ice lettuce, rucola, tomatoes, pepper, corn, and onion. On top we put some thin sliced, fried zucchini. My secret this time was salty cottage cheese with a clove of garlic and chives. I mixed everything adding a spoon of yoghurt, it's the best dip ever :)
    My only suggestion is not to put to many ingredients on your tortilla cause you won't be able to wrap it up :)
    Enjoy! :) and let us know if you liked it.

  3. Good & tasty mexican experience. Those burros look powerful. If you'd need some real tortillas (not wraps whatsoever) just drop me a line, I'll send you some.