May 2, 2011


Green always makes me happy. That’s why we love spending time outside our four walls. We’ve been terribly short of time recently but as much as we love our cosy nest, we needed some time away. The destination was nothing new as we went to Kamil’s parents but we went for a long, refreshing walk just after a storm, we put our wellingtons on and shot out. I adore travelling and finding new places to wander about but so often I forget how lovely a simple sunday stroll can be. This is one of my favourite things, not having to worry about everyday problems at least for a while and this was one of those times. We spent quite some time just walking and talking about everything and nothing. You might think “what’s there to get so excited about” but if you’re worried too much or have loads of work to do or have no time to go to the gym…this is the best medicine… Plus, it’s been proven that green has a very calmative effect on us. 

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